Rent this off-road mobile batching plant

Concrete Batch Solutions: New Mixer Revolutionizing Concrete Delivery

LAKE WORTH, FL – An innovative self-loading concrete mixer, already widely used in Europe, is making inroads into American markets, saving time and cutting costs for contractors and developers, according to South Florida’s Concrete Batch Solutions LLC.

That machine, the Carmix 3500TC mixer, offers one-of-a-kind, industry-leading features including off-road tires, a hydraulic loading shovel, a built-in weighing system, 270° rotation, onboard water tanks, and full automation.

“This fully mobile system will allow developers and contractors to create concrete on their own timetable,” Bernie Eastman from Concrete Batch Solutions LLC said,  “with significantly lower transportation and labor costs.”

Conventional concrete trucks must load up at a stationary plant and are limited by the distance to the worksite, or must be manually loaded with mix by workers. The Carmix, with its off-road capability and self-loading system, allows concrete to be mixed onsite, cutting down on transportation time and costs.

The mixing drum of the Carmix turns all the way around so concrete can be easily unloaded on all four sides without having to move the vehicle, making it ideal for hard-to-reach places on the most difficult job sites. A built-in weighing system and internal sensors allow for maximum accuracy in controlling the quality and consistency of the concrete mix. Moreover, the system is fully automated, so it can be easily employed, even by inexperienced operators.

“It’s all about efficiency and flexibility. This is a game changer,” Eastman said.

Concrete Batch Solutions LLC will be offering the Carmix system for rent, allowing customers maximum maneuverability for their projects while avoiding storage costs, technical maintenance, repair work, and sales costs when the machinery is no longer needed.

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